Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The day would have been alright except for the splitting headache I had this afternoon. The heat was terrible outside and when you get inside the office, the temperature changes to freezing cold. Walking outside is like taking a stroll on the sun's surface and getting inside the office is like getting into a gigantic freezer ... the sudden change in temperature must have got the best of my brain ... what's left of it .. I am thinking about moving back to Dulles. It's in Washington and obviously that means its better than this shithole. Dulles is where all my friends are, my lover, my band. I could start working at hotels again instead of this office job.

Its a good thing, work at the office somewhat eased a bit. I couldnt log on to the net at the office because we are experiencing some erotic .. este .. erratic connections with the net. Slow .... very slow.I had a talk with my friend who is in Dulles, rocking with a band and it was good to know that he's doing alright and we would be talking some more in the coming day .... there's business brewing in these conversations ... *grin*.